A concept design of the new Gold Coast Kart Club facility

This is the 2D concept design of the new Gold Coast kart Club Limited facility. The design is by APEX Track design England world renowned track designers who have designed most of the major racing facilities in the world.

The facility will feature two kart circuits consisting of one CIK standard circuit 1,500 metres long and 10 metres wide and one 1,350 metre AKA standard circuit 10 metres wide. Both tracks will have the ability to be joined to make one 3,000 metre circuit.

All facilities will be state of the art with all flag points etc electronically controlled and all corners under video surveillance beaming back to a central control.


track-concept-1024x709   (Concept design only)


Additionally there is a full driver training facility with a 750 metre circuit 8 metres wide, skid pan and driver skills training strip It is hoped to have the facility up and operational by the end of 2016.

The facility is being built and will be owned by the Trust Company GCKC Pty Ltd which is the operating company of the Gold Coast Kart Club Limited. The facility will be expressly leased to the Gold Coast Kart Club Limited as they are the sole beneficiary of the Trust.

Negotiations are continuing on a suitable piece of land as the entire facility including camping grounds will occupy approximately 70 acres. As construction progresses the web site will be updated with news flashes.